Registration Deadline: Saturday, Jan. 20th

Winter Session II Dates:
Feb. 10th – Mar. 17th

Why Athletico Recreational Soccer Leagues?

  • Safe, Encouraging & Clean Environment
  • An Organized & Dependable Program
  • 6 Games & Reversible Jersey for Under $85
  • Registration Deadline: Saturday, January 20th
  • League Info:
Game Day: Saturday mornings
Awards: Achievement Medal at end of season
    • Game Length: 40 Minute Running Clock
    • Number of 
Games: 6
  • Each player may request to play with ONE mutually requested friends. If friend is not mutually requested, team placement will not be guaranteed. Please put both the first and last name of the players you are interested in participating with.

Q: How do I register?
A: Visit, and register online! Need help? Call us at 224-326-2061

Q: Can I play with my friends?
A: Yes! You may request to be with one other friend. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be accommodated but we will do our best! It is recommend that your friend requests you as well. Chain-requesting will not be honored.

Q: How are teams made?
A: Once registration is complete, we will take friend requests into account and manually build teams for the players.

Q: Who will be my coach?
A: Coaches for the recreational leagues will be volunteer parents. If you are an AYSO certified coach we encourage you to volunteer!

Q: How competitive are these leagues?
A: The recreational leagues are designed to mimic the same values as the AYSO program. While we are NOT an AYSO league, we have designed this league for players who love the game and will follow similar AYSO guidelines. There will be no standings or scores kept and parents are strongly encouraged to applaud and encourage the players on the field.

Q: When are the games?
A: Games will be played Saturday mornings starting at 8am

Q: Can my club soccer team participate in these leagues?
A: The recreational leagues have been designed for recreational players. While club can enter the leagues, we will disperse advanced players to keep team skill levels equal across the various teams.

Q: Will there be practice time before my games?
A: There is no practice time between games

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