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Champions Indoor Soccer League

December 1st, 2018 – March 17th, 2019
No Games December 17th – 31st

Our goal is to provide quality-playing time for all players and teams in a safe, fair and competitive environment. In an effort to ensure fair competition, Athletico Center will attempt to match appropriately competitive teams in each age group.  Selection will be based upon team past performances as well as informational statistics obtained from outdoor standings and results.


Age Groups: U8 – U19, boys and girls
Multiple divisions within age groups where applicable

Game Length:

  • 9 games
  • 2 x 20 minutes halves
  • minute half-time

Field Size:

  • U8-U10: 50 x 33 yards
  • U11-U14 & U15-19 Girls: 66 x 33 yards
  • U15-19 Boys: 66 x 50 yards

Game Dates:   

  • Games alternate every other weekend (except U15-U19 Girls)
  • December 1st, 2018 – March 17, 2019
  • No games December 17 – 31

Team Fees and Discounts:

  • U08 – U14: $1485/team (max 18 players)
  • U15 – U18 Girls: $1485/team (max 18 players)
  • U15 – U18 Boys: $1935/team (max 18 players)
  • 10% discount for each team when clubs register 8+ teams

League Administration Dates:
High school boys see below

  • Registration payments due: September 24, 2018 (no exceptions)
  • Conflict Request Form: September 24, 2018

*No request will be honored after this date* We will do our best to honor all reasonable request that do not affect the overall integrity of the league.

  • Final Schedule published to families: Nov. 9, 2018

High School Boys

  • Team Submission Form due: October 19, 2018
  • Registration payments due: October 19, 2018
  • Final Schedule published : November 9, 2018


Each player subject to additional $30 annual membership fee entitling the player to participate in any program at Athletico Center for a year

Recreational Soccer League

Recreational soccer is first and foremost about having fun, while also learning the game of soccer. The Athletico Center league consists primarily of players from the area looking to learn the basics of the world’s game or to just play in a league with friends. Played on Saturday mornings, we provide an encouraging and fun atmosphere. The coaches at the Rec level are traditionally Athletico Center parents who volunteer their time to coach their child’s team.


U6 & U8

  • Jersey Provided
  • Awards: Individual Medals
  • Min Roaster Size: 8
  • Max Roaster Size: 10
  • Game Length: 40 Minutes Running Clock
  • Formation: 4v4
  • Payment: $92
  • Membership: $30 membership required per player

U10 & U12

  • Jersey Provided: For Individual Registration ONLY
  • Awards: Championship T-Shirts
  • Min Roaster Size: 10
  • Max Roaster Size: 14
  • Game Length: 40 Minutes (2 x 20min halves)
  • Formation: 6v6
  • Individual Payment: $108
  • Team Payment: $350 deposit, CC on File & Full payment by start of first game
  • Membership: $30 membership required per player

Safety Requirements: Shin guards and soccer socks required. Cleats optional.
Friend Requests: Each player may request to play with ONE mutually requested friends. If friend is not mutually requested, team placement will not be guaranteed. Please put both the first and last name of the players you are interested in participating with.

Q: How do I register?
A: Visit, and register online! Need help? Call us at 224-326-2061

Q: Can I play with my friends?
A: Yes! You may request to be with one other friend. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be accommodated but we will do our best! It is recommend that your friend requests you as well. Chain-requesting will not be honored.

Q: How are teams made?
A: Once registration is complete, we will take friend requests into account and manually build teams for the players.

Q: Who will be my coach?
A: Coaches for the recreational leagues will be volunteer parents. If you are an AYSO certified coach we encourage you to volunteer!

Q: How competitive are these leagues?
A: The recreational leagues are designed to mimic the same values as the AYSO program. While we are NOT an AYSO league, we have designed this league for players who love the game and will follow similar AYSO guidelines. There will be no standings or scores kept and parents are strongly encouraged to applaud and encourage the players on the field.

Q: When are the games?
A: Games will be played Saturday mornings starting at 8am

Q: Can my club soccer team participate in these leagues?
A: The recreational leagues have been designed for recreational players. While club can enter the leagues, we will disperse advanced players to keep team skill levels equal across the various teams.

Q: Will there be practice time before my games?
A: There is no practice time between games

Lil’ Kickers

Soccer for Kids 18 months – 9 years old

Lil’ Kickers is a nationally recognized child development soccer program. Classes are available to children ages 18 months to 9 years. The Lil’ Kickers curriculum was developed using renowned child development theory, so classes are tailored to specific ages and abilities, and can accommodate most children. While we are always true to our theoretical roots, we are continually working to discover new ways to enhance the program.

Lil’ Kickers-LKSOCCER.COM offers classes at 10 locations running year round (including Northbrook), making LKSOCCER.COM the biggest Lil’ Kickers franchisee in the country serving over 19,000 children annually in the Chicagoland area! LKSOCCER.COM provides all coaches with over 100 hours of training in child development theory before stepping onto the field, as well as ongoing training throughout their career as a Lil’ Kickers coach.  What makes our coaches so great? They incorporate a developmental perspective when approaching children—always mindful of what children are capable of accomplishing at each age. If you are interested in Lil’ Kickers – Try a FREE Trial class to see the Lil’ Kickers program in action!

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Flag Football League

November 9th – January 25th
No Games: Nov. 23rd & Dec. 28th

Who said you can’t play football indoors? Flag Football League provides a fun and competitive football environment that enhances character, community and passion for the game year around in a clean, safe and warm environment! Get Inside and Have Some Fun! View our Flag Football League Rules.


Game Length:

  • Friday 3:45pm -8:15pm
  • 40 Minute Games (2 x 20 min halves)
  • 10 Games over 12 Weeks
  • No Games: Nov. 23rd and Dec. 28th

Friend Request:

All players may submit request one teammate. We will do our best to honor teammate requests however requests are not guaranteed in an effort to maintain league integrity.


Must have an active Athletico Center Annual Membership fee ($30 per player) and an active waiver on file. All participants must follow The Athletico Center’s Flag Football Rules.

Receive a FREE jersey when you register!